1COIN Network (Eth Based Smart Chain)

NOTE: After much debate, we will focus on our substrate based asset bridge for the numerous advantages. Learn more here.

Thanks for your interest in the 1COIN Network!

1COIN Network Mission and Purpose

1COIN Network is a full Ethereum compatible Smart Chain network with very fast transaction times (blocks every 3 seconds) and extremely low transaction fees.

Bridging Multiple Networks For Your Benefit

The main focus of 1COIN Network is to allow quick, easy, and fast transfers between the following networks to start:

  • Our own 1COIN Network
  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Stellar Network

Benefits of Fast, Simple and Cheap Bridges

All of the top networks have their strong points. Stellar is an excellent asset network with assets being deployable instantly and at almost no cost. It also has extremely fast and cheap transactions. It does lack Smart Contract capabilities, so combining the strengths of Stellar with our own Smart Contract network among the other top Smart Contract networks will bring benefits to all users.

Why Use 1COIN Network?

1COIN Network is a very affordable network to launch your next DeFi project. Give your users access via our numerous bridges, so no matter where they hold their assets, they can easily transfer in and out of 1COIN as needed!