Welcome to 1COIN Smart Chain Network!

1COIN Network, operated by 1COIN ASSETS INC, is one of the safest, cheapest and fastest networks supporting full Smart Chain capabilities originally introduced by the Ethereum group.

Bridging the gap between networks.

1COIN Network is the perfect gateway between all other networks you operate on currently. We anticipate our first round of bridges to be complete by Q4 2021, supporting Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Mainnet, and Stellar.

1COIN Network Core Values

  • Safety of our users assets.
  • Ease of use without limiting features.
  • Automation everywhere.

A simple, but excellent, example of how we develop based on our core values listed above, we can look at all of the safeties in place, automatically, when we begin to initiate a transfer into 1COIN Network:

  1. If transfer server is not operational / malfunctioning, user will never get a quote and be able to proceed further with the process
  2. To be 100% sure our users have received their asset at the correct destination, a function exists in our smart contracts to confirm successful delivery of funds. If for any reason, the asset does not make the destination server, this confirmation function will not be called, and the original asset will be returned to the sender after a timeout period.

At 1COIN Network we automate everything not to inconvenience you, but to make your experience much more efficient and enjoyable.

Check back often as we will continue to update this site with more resources to help you get started on the 1COIN Network!

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